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We are experienced ship repair coordinators and providers of equipment for compliance & performance as well as select ship spares, services and software. Our dedicated and multi-talented team ensures a prompt, efficient and reliable service to ship owners and managers in Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

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A remarkable extract from “The History of Greek Shipping” by Spyros M. Polemis (The Poseidon Voyage, 25 Dec. 1995):
“The Greeks, who more than any other people in the world, have remained mariners without interruption throughout history; they have loved the sea, they have thought of it as a beautiful element, they have been happy at sea, a friendly environment for them – an extension of themselves. They enjoyed the feeling  of  independence and the optimistic outlook it gave them. They enjoyed its freedom and the freedom of the spirit. So, we have not in fact been talking about history at all, but about a love affair between the Greeks and the sea, an inseparable couple, two inseparable elements of life.”