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A remarkable extract from "The History of Greek Shipping" by Spyros M. Polemis (The Poseidon Voyage, 25 Dec. 1995):
DESAN SHIPYARD, Tuzla Bay, Turkey, is a dynamic player in ship repair and newbuilding with two floating docks up to post-panamax size (max. internal dim.: 232.0x40.0m and lifting cap.: 49,000 tons). With a highly reliable, responsible & hardworking team, has a proven success record of international business. We are yard's business development managers for Greece and run DESAN SHIPYARD's Athens, office. Read more...
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Hai Cheung Trading (HCT) maintain a prominent network of professionally staffed offices at 13 locations in China, Vietnam and Singapore (established back in 1984), coordinating / undertaking commissioning of equipment on newbuildings and sourcing & contracting of newbuilding projects. In brief, HCT is a large organisation with highly respected top management that forms a unique base of reliability in China that one can fully trust! Read more...
"The Greeks, who more than any other people in the world, have remained mariners without interruption throughout history; they have loved the sea, they have thought of it as a beautiful element, they have been happy at sea, a friendly environment for them - an extension of themselves. They enjoyed the feeling  of  independence and the  optimistic outlook it gave them. They enjoyed its freedom and the freedom of the spirit. So, we have not in fact been talking about history at all, but about a love affair between the Greeks and the sea, an inseparable couple, two inseparable elements of life."
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Ballast Water Treatment on tankers / LNGCs / VLOCs, larger than Panamax and/or ballast legs longer than 1 week!?

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How GREEN is your ship operation REALLY?

It cannot be denied that older models of oil water separators (OWS), particularly the ones of filter type can sometimes be inefficient, prone to breakdown and unpleasant to maintain. AND the final cost of operating older technology OWS's can amount to several hundred thousand dollars. See our Publications / News on this!

MARINFLOC can safeguard Owners' interests with their state of the art Emulsion Breaking Bilge Water Cleaning System.

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