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Crime doesn't pay

Modern OWS systems, such as Marinfloc's EBBWCS (pictured), are able to better MARPOL requirements and can be monitored from ashore

Incidents of 'magic pipe' bypasses of oil water separators (OWS) and the heavy penalties meted out to offenders still occur with monotonous regularity. Even those tasked with rooting out the offenders are not immune from the nefarious practice, as the prosecution of a USCG officer recently has shown.

It cannot be denied that older models of OWS are sometimes inefficient, prone to breakdown and unpleasant to maintain, but if makers' claims are to be believed that is not true of newer models.
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Filter addiction comprises Oily Water Separators

Peter Lanzen, founder of Marinfloc, Sweden, looks at problems associated with bilge water separators.
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Motorship - Magazine, September, 2010
Fairplay Solutions and Newbuildings - Magazine, October 2008
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Are the below articles new NEWS???
No, in fact those articles date back to 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Nevertheless, this is a problem that the ship owners are still faced with today and that still makes headlines with thousands or millions in fines. The problem of being stuck with substandard, even if certified, oily water separators that either do not work at all or do not work as they should do.

will continue to be news until their is recognition of proper solutions for a clean sea and the important role Makers such as MARINFLOC AB play.
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