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MARINFLOC (Sweden & Worldwide network)
Leading Swedish designers & manufacturers of uniquely & really effective:

      Oily water separators
      Oily water separators' performance & control devices (White box)
     Enviro Pilot
      Sludge de-watering units
      Sewage treatment products.

We host MARINFLOC's Athens office.
Maintain a prominent network of professionally staffed offices at 12 locations in China & Vietnam (established back in 1984). Coordinate / undertake:
  • Newbuilding projects sourcing & contracting and
  • Commissioning of major equipment on newbuilding projects
In addition they have harbour service for following across their basis in China:
  • Marflex electrical deep well cargo pumps
  • Lindenberg emergency / harbor gensts, auxiliary gensets
  • Martek gas detection system
  • MME anti-fauling system
  • NRF box cooler
(Partnership - Greece & Cyprus)
Sander Mesong Group (Germany, Sweden)
Four well-established companies from Sweden and Germany have now merged their leading-edge strengths to serve customers worldwide with a one-stop shop.

Each company brings with it a great deal of expertise:
  • MESON AB - valves, fittings, and actuators available ex stock for any application.
  • SANDER MARINE - established specialist supplier for automised flow management.
  • SANDER NAVY - experienced supplier of valves, actuators and systems for naval missions.
  • ARMATURTEKNIK AB - specialised in manufacturing top level quality valves and fittings.
We host SANDER MESON GROUP's Athens office
Leading British designers & manufacturers of:

      Gas Lift Diffusion (GLD) Ballast Water Treatment System:
            > Secures Owners interests - ALWAYS arrive treated!
            > No limit on the system capacity, as treatment occurs upon the completion of the
               ballasting operation, which is done as customary!
            > Very low power consumption in comparison with other systems, which is anyway
               required at a non-peak power period, i.e. during ballast voyage
            > Addresses current and future environmental requirements
            > No need of physical solid/liquid separation
      Sea Guardian 3G Inert Gas Generator Systems:
            > New range of 3rd generation Inert Gas Generators
            > Cleaner, more compact and designed to be maintenance free in normal operation
      Flue Gas Systems
      Domestic Water Modules
      Marine Jet Pumps

We host COLDHARBOUR MARINE's Athens office.
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B. Marine Equipment
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A. Shiprepairs and Newbuildings
DESAN SHIPYARD (Tuzla Bay, Istanbul, Turkey)
A dynamic player in ship repair with three floating docks up to post-panamax size (max. internal dim.: 232.0x40.0m and lifting cap.: 49,000 tons). With a highly reliable, responsible & hardworking team, has a proven success record of international business.

We are yard's business development managers for Greece and run DESAN SHIPYARD's Athens office.
C. Partnership
Nanjing HCT Marine Equipment (China, Singapore, Vietnam)
In-house German design of fuel oil supply and booster modules and mobile deck lifters.

(Partnership - Greece & Cyprus)