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Four well-established companies from Sweden and Germany have now merged their leading-edge strengths to serve customers worldwide with a one-stop shop.
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Valve intelligence from a single source
Complete control systems
SANDER MESON Group offers you unrivalled valve intelligence from a single source.

We host
SANDER MESON's Greek office and via the group's global network we can find the ideal solution for your vessel: from standardised spare parts to complex custom-made products.

Rapid availability and worldwide delivery from 5,000 in-stock products:
  • Top quality valves and complete remote valve control systems
  • Automised flow management systems
  • Spare parts and OEM products
  • Systems for naval missions
  • Fittings and couplings
  • Actuators
Guaranteed quality for every standard: DIN/ISO, JIS, ANSI and navy standards. At SANDER MESON we certify our products in-house, with the permission of all of the major classification societies. This is an important proof of our quality; for our customers it is a decisive advantage! The internal certification process saves time and allows us to guarantee excellent quality while minimising delivery times.

In 2016 and 2015 alone we had the honour of serving governmental ministries in the UK, Indonesia, Russia and India as well as completing numerous projects for the renowned ship managers Reederei Nord (Netherlands). Contact us for details of our recent Greek clients.
Please see more details of our past projects globally here.

With Sander Marine's tailor-made, flexible and type-approved SANSYS remote control valve system, you are in full control; Tanks are filled or discharged, valves and pumps work precisely and information is provided about tank contents, temperatures and pressures. The system is designed for the remote control of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrically operated valves as well as for pumps used in ballast, bilge, fuel oil, and liquid cargo systems. SANSYS provides universal redundancy and network redundancy since it works even in case of disconnection or collapse of main components.
operator interface allows you to control and manage any SANSYS operation at any time. Zoom in comfortably on any region you want to supervise and visualise any detail - all on one monitor. Clear visualisation in rough seas and fluctuating light conditions makes the SANVISU operator interface a highly reliable partner in any situation.
tank level gauging system allows safe and reliable tank management. It comes either separate or integrated as a part of SANSYS remote valve control system. Control tank loading and unloading, filling levels, and unauthorised discharge!
, our draft measurement system indicates up to four draft values plus the trim and list position and transfers the data to the loading calculator or the SANSYS automation system.
bunker alarm system allows safe and reliable bunker management. Control bunker operations and filling levels efficiently. Prevent unauthorised discharge! SANFUEL comes either separate or integrated as a part of SANSYS remote valve control system.
, our anti-heeling system detects the heeling angle of the vessel and re-balances the ship automatically by pumping ballast water from starboard to port-side or vice versa thus reducing damage to ramp, rolling cargo and containers. Your ship, it's machinery - and the people on board - are safer with SANHEEL.
: In case of emergency, shuts down the oil supply from the different tanks to the various consumers - immediately and from outside the engine room. This quick closing valve system is designed according to your specification; manually, pneumatically, or hydraulically released, and according to the regulations of the required classification societies.