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We are business developers and exclusive representatives of marine concerns worldwide. Our multi-talented team has extensive knowledge and experience in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Marine Biology and Marketing. This dynamic combination of skills allows Abacus Marine Consultants to offer technical excellence and a management philosophy of integrity while supporting both our Principals and our clients.
Our dedicated services are provided to a few carefully selected Principals that do not pose any conflict of interest. The special rapport that exists between our company and the marine & industrial concerns that we represent, guarantees the excellent quality of our prompt, efficient and valuable services provided to shipowners and the shipping industry.
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Panos Smyroglou founded Abacus Marine Consultants in 2007. He is educated in the UK with a B.Eng. in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering from Glasgow University and a MSc. in Naval Architecture from Southampton University. He began his career with class and flag surveys, as well as, supervision of repairs and conversions for 3 years. For the next 10 years he gained valuable experience in marine consultancy while representing renowned players in the marine sector as the Commercial Manager of the oldest marine technical office in Greece. With two decades of rich experience Mr. Smyroglou became the Chief Commercial Officer at Coldharbour Marine, UK, from 2014 when Coldharbour's Greek office was initiated, while the AMC's activities continue and expand.
George Lyras our Marketing Manager, originates from an Oinoussian family with great heritage in the shipping industry. He has a MSc. in Maritime Science from Piraeus University and experience in ship repair negotiations and brokerage. Mr. Lyras' strong knowledge of maritime affairs combined with his excellent communication and marketing skills secures the satisfaction of our prominent clients at every stage from enquiry through to secured contracts and finally to the smooth completion of projects.
Fatmira Gini is our Database Marketing Analyst who is responsible for identifying prospective clients using our extensive database which she maintains. Through daily tracking of Greek-owned vessels she is able to meticulously pinpoint our firm's marketing efforts. Ms. Gini is also involved in event planning and support.
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Our Team
Sarah Gilhespie is our Business Development Specialist with a BSc. from Glasgow University. With a decade of experience managing laboratories and designing databases she transitioned to developing business opportunities in the Greek and international shipping market. Ms. Gilhespie is responsible for guiding our marketing efforts to esteemed customers with high probabilities of success. As an experienced scientist she also provides scientific consultation.
John Grant Gilhespie is our Associate Consultant on offshore and petrochemical projects. Grant was Royal Navy Artificer trained and has been in the Petrochemical Industry since 1974. He has a broad based petrochemical supervisory, operations & maintenance background, in various locations around the world and provides us with the necessary expertise for petrochemical projects.
Aurela Gini, our Marketing Coordinator, has excellent communication skills which allows for smooth liaison with both our collaborators and our clients. She implements marketing campaigns, prepares detailed meeting reports and keeps our social media outreach up-to-date. Ms. Gini speaks four languages fluently and is presently learning a fifth. She is completing a postgraduate degree in Shipping Management from the National University of Athens.
Dimitrios Nikolakakos is our IT Manager and is responsible for our technology infrastructure including maintaining and developing our innovative CRM, WikiMar. Utilising his 15 years of experience, Dimitris constantly surprises us with new technologies which allow our team and Principals to work more efficiently.