Panos Smyroglou
Director of Business Development for Ecochlor

Panos Smyroglou holds a B.Eng. in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering from Glasgow University and an MSc. in Naval Architecture from Southampton University. From the outset, Panos’ professional focus was on ship repair. Between 1996 and 2006 he was the Commercial Manager of the oldest marine technical office in Greece and gained valuable experience with renowned shipyards worldwide. In 2007 Panos co-founded Abacus Marine Consultants to focus on ship repairs and quality equipment. In 2020 Mr. Smyroglou became ‘Director of Business Development’ of Ecochlor Inc., USA, and established their Athens office.

Sarah Gilhespie-Smyroglou
Director of Business Development for Abacus

Sarah Gilhespie has a BSc. from Glasgow University. For the first decade of her career Sarah gained experience in managing laboratories and designing databases. She then transitioned to developing business opportunities for renowned international companies whose excellent services and products are provided to Greek and Cypriot Shipowners through the activities of Abacus Marine Consultants. As an experienced scientist Ms. Gilhespie-Smyroglou also provides scientific consultation.

George Spathis
Commercial Manager

Commodore Georgos Spathis focuses on strategizing our business relationships to the benefit of all parties involved. George is a seasoned expert on environmental compliance, marine e-learning and safety training. His three decades of sailing experience, deep understanding of MARPOL regulations and extensive nautical engineering experience make George an excellent commercial manager.

Technical & Marine

Kostas Ksirogiannis
Ship Repair Manager

Kostas Ksirogiannis advises Abacus clients on the trusted repair yards that meet their requirements for quality repair services with fair pricing. For drydockings and retrofits, Abacus’ team has more than 2 decades of experience. Kostas’ extensive engineering experience combined with his respect & full attention to clients’ needs are a potent mix for ensuring smooth ship repairs.

Antonios Kotsifakis
Marinfloc Service Engineer

Lieutenant Antonis Kotsifakis is our Marinfloc-dedicated service engineer. His maritime career began in 1994 in the Greek Navy where he served for almost 3 decades as a marine electrician. Antonis’ extensive experience of electrical equipment repairs was solidified during drydockings of both ships and submarines. Abacus team are delighted to have Antonis onboard to strengthen the after-sales care for Marinfloc clients.

Manos Kagiasis
GreenTech Business Developer

Manos Kagiasis focuses on greentech for overcoming the challenges faced by modern day shipping. He expertly provides Abacus clients with tailor-made energy efficient solutions best suited to their vessel/fleet. Additionally Manos advises on E-learning for crew assessment, training and gap analysis. With Maritime Studies at the University of Piraeus and great customer care skills, Mr. Kagiasis has built a network of satisfied clients.

Iosif Evangelidis
Marine Sales Coordinator

Iosif Evangelidis has graduated from the department of maritime studies of the University of Piraeus. He is social and communicative, with dedication to the achievement of excellent client care standards. Iosif’s efficiency, both as an individual and as a team member, has made him an integral addition to Abacus.

Eirini Loukaidi
Office & Events Coordinator

Eirini Loukaidi specialises in International Event Management and has joined our team as an Office & Event’s assistant. Eirini’s diverse professional background enables her to proficiently assist our office team, especially in preparation for the International Posidonia exhibition.

ICT - HR - Data

Alexandros Smyroglou
ICT Coordinator

Alexandros Smyroglou is our ICT coordinator and an undergraduate of IT studies. He is learning to troubleshoot our technology infrastructure and keeps our webpage updated. Through ship data analysis he contributes to guiding our efforts according to our collaborators’ and clients needs.

HR Consultant

Dr. Christina Niforou’s professional guidance enables Abacus to attract excellent applicants. Christina is extremely patient and pays great attention to detail through numerous stages of the HR process. Her expertise has allowed Abacus to find the right candidates for positions that match them, to meet expectations on both sides, to clearly understand short & long term goals and to achieve an overall very pleasant working environment.

Ela Mirzakhanyan
Marketing assistant

Ela Mirzakhanyan is responsible for our data accuracy to empower our marketing strategies. Her creativity, communication skills and passion for environmental awareness are strong assets that match Abacus’ corporate profile. Ela’s friendly and social character makes her invaluable for assisting with marketing campaigns, events and exhibitions.