The WindWings system combines dynamic multi-element wings and advanced route optimization to harness the power of the wind. This results in significantly improved fuel efficiency: simulations demonstrate up to 30% fuel savings on average global routes with no speed reduction.

WindWings installed in Berge Bulk vessel for maximum wind propulsion

WindWings® have proven their effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In March 2024, the bulk carrier Pyxis Ocean, retrofitted with two WindWings®, achieved significant fuel savings averaging 3 tonnes per day, over a six-month period. During optimal sailing conditions, the Pyxis Ocean trial confirmed fuel savings of 11 tonnes per day, translating to a remarkable 41 tonnes less CO2 emitted per day – far exceeding initial projections.

Bar Technologies delivers a complete business case with payback time and ROI based on your chosen fuel cost and carbon tax.

CLICK HERE to watch WindWings in action on a cargo vessel.

View of WindWings from bridge of Berge Bulk vessel (Wind Propulsion)

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