Achieve your prospective performance goals
with Lean Marine’s patented solutions

As part of Yara Marine Technologies 🌊 Lean Marine are now making bigger waves! They continue to be committed to protecting the environment by increasing your ship/fleet’s performance and consequently contributing to your compliance with EEXI and other such future regulations.

Ship owners, managers & charterers appreciate Lean Marine’s solutions that simplify and improve their operations – 200 vessels to date and counting!

Have you imagined or calculated how much fuel could be saved, on a daily basis, by dynamically controlling, monitoring and properly adjusting vessel voyage parameters in real time? What if you could mitigate the impacts of changing conditions that affect your vessel’s performance? Now you can!

Give your crew a user-friendly interface to directly set the requested speed and/or the maximum allowed fuel consumption or the propulsive power. FuelOptTM will regulate through the main/desired parameter, avoid any power peaks and produce a predictable and smooth operational profile.

FuelOptTM is not invasive and does not replace the crew; it is a useful tool that assists them to efficiently perform the tasks that need to be executed while taking full advantage of your vessel’s capabilities.

Fleet Analytics
Fleet AnalyticsTM is a web-based tool that gives access to view your vessel/fleet’s performance.

  • All the data collected from the vessel becomes available to the office
  • You have tools (graphs, KPIs, etc.) that assist the user to easily evaluate the performance of the vessel in total or for a specific criteria
  • Automatically create and extract your reports, either for internal use or for submission to any interested parties
  • Very user-friendly interface both onboard and for the office which upon request can be tailored to your requirements

In view of the MEPC 76, managers have already been looking into ways to reduce the GHG emissions. EPL (engine de-rating) is one such solution that we disagree with as your full engine power may be needed in an emergency. FuelOptTM allows you to be compliant without permanently de-rating your engine but by putting a limit to shaft power output without any modification to existing machinery. This method is one of the primary and most efficient ones to reduce GHG emissions and aligns operations with EEXI requirements.

Let’s discuss how FuelOptTM and Fleet AnalyticsTM can assist you

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