Journey to zero emissions

Manta Marine Technologies are at the forefront of maritime emissions reduction, working closely with ship-owners, yards, and naval architects as partners in an effort to drive the change towards sustainable shipping. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of green technologies, with applicability to all vessels.

Vessel Optimization

Manta Marine offers tools towards simplifying and automatizing the vessel’s/office’s procedures. The goal is to achieve the best possible efficiency given the available resources.

Fleet Analytics gives you access to data and tools so that you take the best decisions that would improve your operations.
Route Pilot AI takes the available data, forecasts the future and recommends the best parameters for an efficient trip.
FuelOpt is the heart of everything and ensures that the above will actually be implemented and will also give you the benefit of complying with the upcoming short term GHG measures (EEXI/CII).

The above is a unique combination that could lead to impressive results without the need to spend tons of hours in front of a computer (office) or the lever (vessel), while even more combinations/features are available.


Shore Power

Manta Marine Technologies’ shore power system allows you to shut down vessel’s propulsion and auxiliary engines while energy demands are fulfilled by ship-to-shore connections.

  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduces maintenance costs for auxiliary engines
  • Compliance with local/regional/global regulations
  • Reduced port tariffs
  • Priority pass in ports
  • Reduced operational expenses

SOx Scrubbers

Tailor-made SOx Scrubber systems for achieving compliance with IMO regulations.

Flexibility in design and operation enables Manta to cover all the major marine segments from cargo to passenger vessels. Quality, reliability, and cost efficiency are at the core of every delivered system.

Abacus contact for Manta Marine technologies:
Mr. Manos Kagiasis
+30 210 9801 532+30 694 393 4616