As leading Swedish innovators of unique solutions for treating & monitoring for wastewater (bilges, EGR Bleed-off water, etc.) of a vessel, we are celebrating our 25 years in the Marine industry. Our way of thinking has enabled us to develop solutions based on the actual needs of the market.

Our commitment to a better environment is what drives us since 1996 in creating solutions that protect all stakeholders’ interest without ignoring the need for effectively contributing to cleaner seas.

Our experience and motivation to our goal guarantee the quality of our service to you and your crew. Through our equipment, training sessions and attendances (physically or remotely), we provide you what you really need.

Look out for the signature blue bus where, in live operation, you can witness the unique efficacy of Marinfloc products.

Offshore Products
Well-engineered solutions to address and solve problems with:

  • Drilling slop water treatment
  • Monitor & Control

MARINFLOC’s Athens Office contacts:
Mr. Kostas Ksirogiannis
+30 210 9801 532 / +30 6980 322 124