BunkerPlanner Webinar for bunkering optimisation

Webinar hosted by Abacus: ‘Deviation for a bunker port? When is it worthwhile?’ Learn how the Bunker Planner tool, using advanced algorithms, can optimise your marine fuel procurement process. BunkerMetric co-founder Dr. Christian Plum, Ph.D. presented with Sarah Gilhespie-Smyroglou of Abacus Marine Consultants.

BunkerPlanner is a state-of-the-art bunker procurement optimization tool.

The tool generates a tailored recommendation for how much bunker of each grade to buy and where to buy it.

The system factors in the most recent bunker pricing information as well as a comprehensive set of technical, commercial, and regulatory constraints.

BunkerPlanner is available through an intuitive web interface or as an integration to your existing voyage management system.