Supports up to 90% CO2, by our collaborators Messrs. Sinotech, China, with 50 land-based applications of the same technology. They have already achieved Approval In Principal (AIP) from LR, NK, and BV for marine applications. We are ahead in this sector with a lower overall cost to capture CO2 per ton, which is a key factor. This is achieved in two main areas: high efficiency on the amine mixing solution used which needs min. the capacity of amine and min. extra energy to absorb and strip CO2. An example: our technology can minimize the extra energy to strip the CO2 to 2.4GJ/ton versus abt. 3.6GJ/ton CO2 by other makers.

For vessel’s flat bottom without compressors, by our collaborators Messrs. Armada, UK.
No compressors means:
(a) Low CAPEX + low installation cost
(b) Very low electric power requirement, and very low maintenance during operation. ‘PALS’ reduces the frictional resistance of your hull.

At ECOCHLOR we simply streamline our clients’ overall BWT System operations with a system that has ever increasing reliability. Our lessons learnt from our many years’ experience have highlighted the importance of a simple system & recurrent crew training at no extra cost. As a result, ECOCHLOR has been embraced by major shipowners who have come to us following experience of other technologies – this is because ECOCHLOR has:

  • Inherently simple technology / simple to retrofit / extremely reliable and easy to keep running (fully automated)
  • No TRO sensors & direct de-ballasting from the tanks at any rate, e.g. from TST; No Secondary treatment or Neutralization required
  • The COST of our system has reduced substantially over the years, in view of our optimizations and economies of scale which have made us highly affordable.
  • Very low electric power requirements
  • ‘One stop’ service for chemical replenishment – Purchasing, chemical usage monitoring, transportation and chemical refill all done by ECOCHLOR, not the crew
  • Twice a year maintenance/training support visits at no extra cost during chemical replenishment
  • The technology: our system uses patented Chlorine Dioxide gas (ClO2) for disinfection, a water technology that has been proven effective for over 70 years.
    ClO2 or Chlorine Dioxide is often confused with chlorine, however, the Chlorine dioxide gas our system produces and uses is 2.5 times more effective and only attacks living micro-organisms. As a result a much smaller concentration of ClO2 is required to achieve the required killing vs chlorine!
  • Treatment efficacy is not affected by water temperature, salinity or turbidity
  • High quality construction, materials and components (higher grade 904L filter mesh, chemical tanks are built to pressurized vessel standards)

Committed to saving our coastal ecosystems, Ecochlor developed a proprietary ballast water management system (BWMS) that has been specifically designed to safely and economically eliminate the worldwide transfer of aquatic invasive species. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant has many advantages over other treatment technologies:

  • As mentioned above, it has 2.5 times more disinfectant efficiency than chlorine requiring lower chemical dosage
  • It is highly effective on a wide range of organisms across a broad range of water qualities without the need for the ship’s crew to adjust operating parameters
  • It degrades naturally to salt after treatment on uptake so does not require neutralization or retreatment of ballast water before discharge

Reliability comes down to the choices that our engineers make when designing and specifying the Ecochlor BWMS. We make sure that our suppliers understand the ship operators’ requirements and the nature of the environment that the equipment will be operating in. This way we can guarantee that our systems are ‘fit for purpose’ all the way down to the component level.

Ecochlor uses real-time data analysis on every ballast operation to ensure the system’s uptimes are maintained at the highest possible levels – Ecochlor’s current operational level is well above 98% on our installed systems. This communication allows for early notification of equipment performance concerns and enables us to resolve the problem before it becomes an issue. We don’t wait for a next service call; we are part of the team in support of the ship’s crew, wherever they are in the world.

Our ballast water management system must not only meet and exceed environmental regulatory standards, it must do so reliably so that there is no interruption to vessel operations for our customers. Ecochlor understands these requirements and the high expectations of our system’s reliability and achieves this. Please contact our customers and they will confirm this to you.

ECOCHLOR’s Office of Europe, UK, Scandinavia and Middle East contact:
Mr. Panos Smyroglou

+30 210 7005 836

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