Over 3,000 vessels of more than 1,000 shipowners and managers have been repaired by Gemak group over its 50+ year history. Owners’ best allies are the experienced, committed workforce and management, modern facilities and excellent track record.

  • Floating dock 1 Panamax 245m x 37m
  • Floating dock 2 Handysize 200m x 32m
  • Graving dock 3 Capesize/Suezmax 300m x 53/56m
  • 2km of berths and 45 cranes that give great flexibility

Gemak maintains a permanent team of in-house
designers and engineers who represent the backbone of its design philosophy and culture. This team of experts is supported by multidisciplinary teams at the TGE Research and Development Center, Turkey’s first R&D centre for the maritime industry.

Gemak group consists of Gemak Tuzla Shipyard (established in 1969), Gemak TGE shipyard (acquired in 2000), Gemak Neta Steel & Pipe Fabrication Yard (established in 2008) and Gemak Altinova Yard (established in 2013) and continues to provide services for Dry Docking, ship repair & conversion, offshore/oil & gas and ship building as the most competitive shipyard in the Mediterranean sea

Experts in BWT System and scrubber retrofits

Inquiries: dd@abacusmarine.gr

Located at the southern end of the Port of Santander, Spain. A shipyard with more than 140 years of experience with successful repairs and conversions, thanks to their well-equipped facilities and trusted workforce


  • Dry dock 1, 160m x 23.8m
  • Dry dock 2, 230m x 33m


A shipyard with more 45 years of experience in the field. Located in the Canary Islands, on the West Coast of Africa, with a Syncrolift for vessels up to 36,000 DWT. There are 7 docking lanes (2×220m, 2×180m and 3×120m long) with plenty space surrounding the vessel to allow work to be easily carried out and with no interferences with other ships. Mobile cranes with capacities of up to 600 MT give service to drydocked vessels.

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1. Syncrolift – for vessels breadth up to 28,5m (36,000 DWT)
2. Large berth for retrofits and alongside repairs – for up to VLCC (draught up to 19m)
3. Additional berth
4. Offices and canteen
5. Workshops
6. Berth and docking lanes


Group of 6 shipyard, with main facilities in Singapore, Batam and Zhoushan.

PERTAMA, Batam, Indonesia

  • NEW*** Floating Dock, 300 x 59.0m
  • Floating Dock V, 235 x 40.0m
  • Floating Dock II, 186 x 36.4m
  • Floating Dock I, 97 x 24.0m
  • 4 x Building berths up to 30,000 DWT
  • Berths 2400m, for VLCC too (8m draft)


  • Floating Dock 1, 122 x 22.8m
  • Floating Dock 2, 195 x 34.7m
  • Floating Dock 3, 188 x 36.5m
  • Berths 900m in total

ZHOUSHAN, Zhejiang Province

  • Dock 1, 400 x 106m
  • Dock 2, 380 x 80m
  • Newbuilding slipway, 340 x 70m
  • Berths 576m in total, 12m draft

GRAHA & NANINDAH, Batam, Indonesia

  • 2 x Building berths, at Graha
  • Berths 900m in total at Graha
  • Berths 2500m in total at Nanindah

ZHUHAI, Guangdong Province

  • Newbuilding launchways
  • Floating launch dock 90 x 26m
  • Berths 120m in total



Located south west from Busan, S. Korea, half an hour from Gimhae International Airport of Busan. A shipyard with more than 20 years of experience. Have 2 docks up to Panamax, over an area of 47,891m2.

  • Floating dock 1, 210m x 48m
  • Floating dock 2, 135m x 31m


Located at Yeosu, west from Busan, S. Korea. A shipyard with more than 40 years of experience, with 3 docks up to Panamax over an area of 115,000m2. Repair capacity 100-120 vessels per year.

  • Floating dock 1, 230m x 48m
  • Floating dock 2, 155m x 25m
  • Floating dock 3, 129m x 23m