KARCO creates 3D Animated Marine Safety & Operation Training videos that overcome language and cultural barriers by digitally animating accidents and illustrating how to avoid them. 3D animation captures the imagination and ingrains concepts with ease. The current generation of seafarers certainly enjoy KARCO’s futuristic and fresh perspective towards training.
KARCO provides innovative training methods to shipping companies globally based on the decades of sea-faring experience of its founder Cpt. Diwan. In Greece and Cyprus as well as worldwide KARCO has been serving thousands of ships for more than 300 companies since 2004. In 2018 we proudly opened our Athens office to best serve the needs of our clients in Greece and Cyprus.

KARCO digitally bring to life & graphically visualise to your crew :

  • Shocking accidents showing the resulting terrible consequences
  • Internal working mechanisms of machineries & associated high risks
  • ‘Invisible’ hazards such as static electricity and Nitrogen
  • Common mistakes leading to minor injuries and fatal accidents
  • Critical consequences of not following safety procedures properly
  • The dangers associated with material or equipment failure
  • Positive outcomes from good team work & correct use of PPE

KARCO’s training videos can be tailored to :

  • A working language of your choice
  • Suit your vessel type & IMO number
  • Your company’s policies, procedures and campaigns
  • Match your company, your logo, your funnel, your safety mascots
  • Specific equipment i.e. your Lifeboat Release Gear System/your OWS

Our videos can be used as is, incorporated in other training platforms or used in conjunction with KARCO’s Learning Management System called TrACE

TrACE – Training Analysis Crew Engagement
The assessment modules of KARCO’s associated Learning Management System TrACE ensure comprehensive learning that is meticulously documented and displayed to allow for 3 levels of engagement with Company Admin,Vessel Admin and the Crew itself. In brief, TrACE gives a complete overview of current training status and its dynamic content can be continually revised to incorporate company circulars, new learning procedures and regulations. Unique to TrACE is that your company can add an unlimited amount of own content and assess crew on same.

Three levels of engagement with TrACE :

  1. The Company Admin through Key Performance Indicators views:
    a) Summary of all vessels
    b) Overall percentage on vessel-wise performance
    c) Can easily add new training content

  2. The Vessel Admin can efficiently assess and follow the training status of the vessel and its crew to ensure they are up to date with their training.

  3. The Crew can view and take assessments on KARCO videos and other content that is assigned to them by the company. In addition, each crew member is kept informed of the training they must complete and by when this training is to be performed.

KARCO’s Athens Office contacts:
Cdre. George Spathis / Mr. Iosif Evangelidis

+30 210 9801 532+30 6987 231 610